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Statement by Suffolk County Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia on ‘Super Tuesday’ Strong Night for Trump. Bad News for Biden


MEDFORD, NY- Suffolk County Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia released the following statement on the election results from Super Tuesday 2024:

“If there is anything I have learned throughout my time in politics is that numbers do not lie and what we have seen today, on Super Tuesday 2024, are two important takeaways: Republicans are uniting behind Donald Trump and Joe Biden has a serious problem with the growing number of ‘uncommitted’ voters.

“The major concerning factor for Joe Biden among these ‘uncommitted’ voters is that a number of these voters are from his party, showing that his support among Democrat voters is eroding.

“Voters are rejecting the failed policies of the Biden administration which have given us an open border and a historic migrant crisis in our country, surging crime rates, and record inflation.

“Donald Trump is the clear winner tonight. His victories across the board on Super Tuesday show that Republicans are rallying around his agenda of putting America First, both at home and abroad, securing the border, and making our economy as strong as it once was under his leadership as President.

“There is no doubt that tonight’s strong showing for Donald Trump is a message for November and that is American voters are ready to put back a real leader in the White House.”





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