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The Suffolk Board is aware of one incident in Suffolk County in which individuals posing as Board of Elections staff sought to verify a voter’s identity and requested to see the voter’s driver’s license which was smartly declined.The Suffolk County Board of Elections staff is not visiting voters’ homes to verify their registration and is not going door to door to request proof of identification. Should anyone appear at a residence and claim that they are a Suffolk County Board of Elections’ employee or official, please request identification and then notify the Suffolk County Board of Elections at 631-852-4500 immediately. If you obtain a photograph or video of the individual through security devices, please forward such photograph or video to the Board for forwarding to appropriate law enforcement. Do not provide any personal information.Criminal impersonation is a crime as is voter intimidation. There are instances in which the Suffolk Board may contact you for supplemental information for registration purposes. If that is the case, a letter on official Board letterhead will be sent to the voter. Responses will only be directed to be sent to the Suffolk County Board of Elections by mail to PO Box 700, Yaphank, NY 11933 or by email to

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