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Statement by Suffolk GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia: Hochul & Suffolk Democrats Attack Suburban Values


“With the stroke of a pen, Governor Hochul has committed a wholesale act of voter suppression in a desperate and obvious attempt to tip the scales in the favor of progress left Democrat candidates.

“The continued success of Republicans in local elections has the Democratic Party scrambling to negate suburban voters in Suffolk County, the Long Island region, and throughout New York State.

“Governor Hochul and the extreme left have proven that they will stoop to the lowest levels to ensure a one-party rule to continue to advance their failed liberal extreme agenda and further erode quality of life in New York State.

“This is a direct attack on this country’s democracy and a shameless act of self preservation and kowtowing to the extreme progressive liberal agenda.

“I have no doubt that this will backfire on Gov Hochul, all voters will remember this attack on their ideals, our democracy, and our quality of life in future elections.”


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