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Local Control Not Hochul Control!

Governor Hochul and the Democratic state legislature is at it again - trying to change state laws to rig local elections to favor Democrats.

Call Governor Hochul at

and tell her to stay out of local elections.

Voters across Long Island have spoken loud and clear at recent elections. They have voted for Republicans to make Suffolk safer and more affordable.

Now, Gov. Hochul and left wing legislators want to reverse that by interfering with local elections. They want to change state laws to manipulate when local races are held - moving the goalposts in a desperate effort to reverse local Republican gains.

These changes would increase taxpayer costs, reduce voter participation by making more complicated multi-page ballots, and make voting lines longer.

Reject the Democrats’ efforts to rig local elections through even-year voting legislation. Call Governor Hochul at 518-474-8390 and tell her to stay out of local elections.



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