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Observance of Veteran's Day

Salute the Service of Our Veterans


Today, tomorrow and every day, but especially on Veteran's Day, I urge each and every one of you to please take a moment to honor and remember America’s TRUE Hero’s—The Brave Men and Women who have served and presently wear the uniform in the service of our United States Armed Forces.

Share Prayer or Moment of Silence for the Men and Women of our Armed Service who place their lives on the line each and every day—and in countless conflicts past— in the preservation of our freedom, liberty and prosperity.

Starting Tonight, Veteran's Day, and throughout this Week, let us all display a GREEN LIGHT outside our homes and businesses as a Salute to the Service for Our Veterans.

By displaying a green light, the color of hope, we can show our support and appreciation for veterans this Veteran's Day. Although we may not recognize them when they aren't in uniform, with the green lights shining, they will be able to see our support all through the year


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