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Join the Suffolk County Republicans Hunt for a Republican November Social Media Program

Show Your Support for Ed Romaine for County Executive and the entire 2023 GOP Team for County and Town Races!


Once again, it’s time to go RED with the Republican Party’s “Hunt for a Republican November” Social Media Campaign

With so much attention on the national election, this is the perfect year to help us get our message out through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms over the next two weeks leading up to Election Day.

I’m asking all Republican Party Committee Members, friends, supporters, volunteers, and the great VOTERS of our county to, once again, use our ‘Hunt for a Republican November’ logo on their banners, cover pages, and profile pictures to help get the word out about our broad support for our Candidate Ed Romaine for County Executive, and our dynamic team of Republican candidates and officeholders for County and Towns!

You can either RIGHT-CLICK on the images provided here, or simply follow the link provided to the Suffolk County website or Facebook Public Page to download your banner and profile picture.

Once you’ve downloaded it, make sure you “tag”

all of your friends and family members who support the Teams of Ed Romaine and our slate of exceptional County and Town candidates!

Let’s turn Facebook and EVERY social media platform from blue to RED through to Election Day, November 7th!

> Suffolk County Official Website Page Link:

> Suffolk County Facebook Public Page Link:



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