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Calling all SOUTHOLD REPUBLICANS! Today's the day!

VOTE TODAY 6AM-9PM at your regular polling location, in the Republican Primary for County Legislature!

Today is the day we Get Out The Vote to help our Republican team win a Super Majority in the Suffolk County Legislature! 

Vote for Integrity, vote for Experience, vote for Knowledge, and vote for Honesty

Let's Get Out and VOTE for 


The only ENDORSED candidate for Suffolk County

Legislator for the 1st District

Catherine is endorsed by: 


Senator Anthony Palumbo
Southold Supervisor Scott Russelll
Town Councilwoman Jill Doherty
Town Clerk Denis Noncarrow 
Town Trustee Glenn Goldsmith 
Town Assessor Kevin Webster 
Town Assessor Charles Sanders
County Executive Candidate Ed Romaine 
Past County Comptroller Joe Sawicki

I’m committed to winning the First District seat for the people so I can continue to deliver on initiatives like protecting the environment, advocating for farmers, keeping government affordable, and increasing public safety.


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