Five questions with…


Scott Russell

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Southold Town?

Southold is in a struggle right now to stay Southold. Change is inevitable but must be managed carefully. Some want to change it in an instant, not wanting to live in the Southold that exists but, in the one that they have their own romanticized image. Previous generations worked hard to create the town we live in, the one many people chose to move to. Let's carry their tradition forward. We owe them that.

Tell us why you got into government?

I got into local government by fate. In 1990, my friend, Bob Scott, told me the Republicans were screening for a vacancy in the Assessor's Office. I was lucky in getting the nomination and winning the election. I had worked on Capitol Hill prior, however, I learned very quickly that, at the local level, you can have a much more meaningful impact on people's lives.

What are you most proud of as an elected official?

I am proud of helping create a non-partisan environment in town government and of my even-handed and fair approach to addressing the issues that we face.

What is one thing you want to focus on in your next term?

In my next term, my priorities will be to focus on taking our green energy efforts to a higher level, review the code and create a streamlined review process for businesses and find opportunities to buy shore-front properties. This would not only protect our scenic and natural resources, it would expand beach access to our residents, as well.

Tell us something about you we would be surprised to learn.

I am a buyer/seller, appraiser and collector of fine art. My interests focus on oils and works on paper from around 1900 through the abstracts of the 1950'-60's.


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