Water and Street Lights

We need some street lights. It is very dark. How about bringing Suffolk County water on our street. We have been told our land was the runoff of the farm. We have been in our home 29 years and have put 3 wells in. Not cheap.

Street lights always present an interesting challenge. Some people ask us to install them and others urge us to stop installing them, primarily in consideration of the "dark skies" concept. They have always been an expensive proposition. Southold pays PSEG for all of the costs of the electric. These costs are being reduced substantially now that we are only installing LED lighting and retrofitting all of the existing ones. I have never received a request from any residents on your street but, if you know of any neighbors who also want lighting, have them contact me, as well. If there is enough interest, we can evaluate the street and determine how many lights would be needed.

The Suffolk County Water Authority is an independent agency which determines where to install water mains. I do not know what their plans are or what timetable they have set to run service mains down your street but, will find out.

Scott Russell