Speed and Parking

Two things we need to discuss here in Cutchogue....with people taking residency in the condos at the intersection of School and Griffing. I have noticed almost daily as I go to the Post Office that cars appear to be traveling at higher than normal speeds heading north towards the condos endangering post office pedestrian and vehicle traffic and I also notice that full stops are not made but only hesitation stops are being made at intersection of School and Griffing and that these high speed vehicles continue forward into the condo property. We all said before the condos were built traffic would be an issue and that concern is coming to fruition as more and more residents move in.

Second, there are no parking signs being ignored between Depot and North on a consistent bases as trucks stop to frequent the 7-11..often parking in the crosswalk and blocking viability to crosswalk. It is also a violation to park in a crosswalk or to go to the left of a double yellow line unless entering a driveway and only then if you do not block traffic behind you...I often wonder if an accident happens in the double yellow line area who is responsible? 

Scott just two issues that do impact Cutchogue residents daily and they should not. Thanks for listening.

I have discussed these issues with the Chief of Police. We will be sitting down in the near future to make arrangements for more comprehensive enforcement in that area. We will also discuss the issue with the Southold Transportation Commission to get their insight. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. —Scott

Scott Russell