Carroll Ave. Traffic

I do have mixed emotions having this facility being proposed on Carroll Ave. in Peconic. I live on Carroll Avenue. As years go by many people use Carroll as a cut-through. Part of me thinks hmmm a gym at the end of my block. The other half of me is concerned of the added traffic that will lead me to have issue getting in and out of my drive. My other concern is with the added flow of people is safety. I would like to know how the Carroll Ave. residents will be handled and or compensated if this does go through.

I appreciate you taking the time to contact me. I can understand your concerns regarding increased traffic on Carroll Ave. If a recreational facility is constructed where it is proposed. Any project that moves forward, especially near residential communities, requires a traffic impact analysis. This ensures that any adverse effects on the surrounding area are identified and that mitigation measures can be implemented to reduce those impacts. This particular facility is a scaled back version of the Sports East proposal you may be familiar with. There will be no outdoor amenities such as ball fields, etc which should reduce impacts. We do not anticipate any increased use of the ball fields across the street since the use of the fields by organized sports programs are scheduled and can be relocated to other fields if necessary.

While there would be no compensation offered to area residents, the developer would be required to mitigate the impact on the neighborhood through conditions set forth by the Town Board and or the planning board. I assure you, however, that we consider any adverse impacts any project may have on surrounding properties. There is a thorough review and this particular application would require several public hearings. The first would be a public hearing held by the Town Board as it considers a change in the zoning. Subsequent to that, there will be public hearings held by the Planning Board which is required before any building permits are issued. You can raise any concerns you may still have at those public hearings. Your comments will become part of the public record and will be considered by both boards before any action gets voted on.

Scott Russell